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Construction at the Village at Sherrills Ford is progressing a a good rate according to Hawthorne Group Director of Development Steven Bailey.  Occupation is anticipated by the end of 2016, beginning of 2017.

The Village at Sherrills Ford is a mixed-use project consisting of 206 acres on the shoreline of Lake Norman at N.C. 150 and Slanting Bridge Road.

D.R. Horton, a residential development company founded in 1978 is currently developing and close to selling homes according to Bailey.  Horton will be developing a total of 165 homes over the next couple of years.

Publix recently announced that it will open a new 49,000 square-foot store at the Village Center at Sherrills Ford in late 2017.

The Wagner Property Group is getting ready to start development of the first part of the shopping center which will include the Publix store according to Bailey.  There will be 12,500 square feet of additional retail attached.

"We are talking to a couple of potential upscale convenience stores," Bailey said.  "We have a couple of offers and will probably be announcing a specific store in the near future."

"The vision has been over a decade in the making of seeing a mixed use development with high density residential mixed in with offices and retail uses in order to provide the essential services for the Sherrills Ford community," said Catawba County Planning and Parks Administration Director Jacky Eubanks.  "It's a well designed center and it will provide a lot of amenities and really serve as a catalyst for future growth in the entire Sherrills Ford region which historically over the past decade or so has been the fastest growing area of the county."

Eubanks anticipates the county will shortly be seeing applications for building permits to build the first units in the first two sections of that development.

"We are getting very close to working toward the final design," he said.  "Water and sewer is being installed and the street network is taking place."


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    My wife and I are considering moving to the area and was wondering if any of the other retailers for this development have been named yet. Any idea what other types of stores will be with Publix?

    Thank you,

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    Jose Serrano
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    we are planning to build in our lot in Sherrills Ford, the development of the village seems to be in a stall. Are there any other developments around Island Point. Is the Village really going to move forward?
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    You should see the Publix site start clearing within a few weeks. They hope to open up by the end of this year. Typically you would see in Publix Center stores like, Subway, a pizza place, Chinese food, nail salon, possibly a hair cutting place. Maybe longer term a realtor, UPS type of store etc. Not saying these are definite but these are some typical types of places. Stores do like moving next to Publix Centers so I am sure they should fill quickly. If houses continue to be built many more stores will come in. I could see some type of drug store going up in the future. Usually on corner lots. The housing prices seem to be very reasonable and the taxes in the area are very low compared to many areas. With the widening of 150 and the new Rt.16 it seems like a great location to live. They do need some type of medical services. That would bring others into the area quicker imo.
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