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March 2024 - CLT Alliance Manufacturing Council, NC Commerce Reentry Initiative, Xplore64

January 2024 - Tier II, 112r CHmical Reporting, CVCC's Devleoping the Leader WIthing You , CVCC Maintenance Tech Bootcamp



September 2023 -  Trade Expansion Program (STEP), Supply Chain Management Academy, NCWorks Military Hiring Event

July 2023 - Tapping into Talent, Hmong Southeast Puavpheej Community Career Fair, Furniture Mfg. Expo

March 2023 - Engineering/Supply Chain Listening Tour, Offshore Wind Suppliers & More



October 2022 - EDC Hires Kimberly Propst, International Trade Lunch & Learn, HKY4Vets Update

May 2022 - Wage & Benefits Survey, HKY4Vets HIring Event, Automation/Robotics Webinar

March 2022 - HKY4Vets Hiring Event, Succession Planning, Cyber Resilience

February 2022 - STREAM Supply Chain Expo, Free Online CyerSecurity Courses, CEDS Survey



September 2021 - COVID-19 Webinar, CyberSecurity Summit

July 2021 - The Demographic Drought Report

June 2021 - Wage & Benefits Survey, HKY4Vets, Industry Cluster Study