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From Staff Reports - Hickory Daily Record

NEWTON – Temprano Techvestors, a Newton-based, newly-formed company aimed at helping European software companies open operations in North America, announced its first client Tuesday.

Safetica Technologies is a European firm that specializes in data loss prevention software, according to a release from the company.

Safetica markets its products as easy to use and cost effective for small- and moderately-sized organizations.

The software's dashboard allows company managers to keep an eye on data usage to stop data loss and theft before it occurs.

Files that are inappropriately shared or taken out of a company's system, whether intentionally or accidentally, can be made inaccessible to outside users through the software's enycrpytion. 

Companies also can lock or wipe devices that are lost and stolen remotely through Safetica Mobile.

By monitoring employee behavior, including things like social media usage and online job searches, the software can help companies determine areas of vulnerability.

"It is capable of spotting when people become disengaged with a company and are ready to quit and potentially do harmful things, such as stealing sensitive data and taking it to a competitor," according to the release.

The software's alert system can help companies spot potential data breaches before they occur.

Safetica offers free data audits and risk assessments to companies as part of an evaluation for companies looking to use the software.

The company's prices start are "as low as  $46 per endpoint per year," according to the release.

Temprano's relationship involves building Safetica's North American presence from "top to bottom," Temprano founder and Safetica North America General Manger Luke Walling said.

Temprano helps European companies develop their presence by assisting with multiple aspects of doing business in the United States and North America, including marketing and strategy.

In the future, Temprano is looking to build relationships with several more companies.

"I'd say this is 100 percent of what Temprano is designed to do," Walling said.

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