Catawba County has a rich history in manufacturing with over 425 manufacturers employing 28% of the workforce.

Automotive Parts Manufacturing

With numerous companies already supplying to the automotive industry and two of the largest OEM parts suppliers, ZF and GKN Driveline, Catawba County is are well-suited to Automotive Parts Manufacturing. There are over 4,300 workers employed by motor vehicle and auto parts suppliers within a 45-minute drive time of Catawba County.  The average wage for Transportation Equipment Manufacturing in Catawba County is 63% of the national average and 78% of the North Carolina average.  Please view our Automotive Manufacturing Fact Sheet to learn more.

Automotive Suppliers in Catawba County
Company Name Location Local Employees Industry Sector
GKN ePowerTrain Maiden 1,200 Automotive Gears
HSM Solutions Hickory, Conover, Claremont 800 Seating Components
American Roller Bearing Hickory 350 Anti-friction Bearings
Hanes Industries Conover 200 Nonwoven Textiles
TSG Finishing Hickory 170 Automobile Textile Finishing
Poppelmann Plastics Claremont 150 Plastic Auto Parts
ZF Newton 150 Chassis Components
Pregis Conover 100 Tape/Materials for Auto Protection
GKN Sintere Metals Conover 75 Cam Caps, Transmission Components
Carolina Nonwovens Maiden 62 Acoustical Insulation
Dalco Nonwovens Conover 60 Interior Nonwoven Subfloor
RMC Advanced Technologies Newton 40 Heavy Duty Truck Exteriors
LGM/Jelliff Corp. Hickory 15 Automotive Ignition Systems
Piedmont-Cleveland-Cliffs Newton 20 Steel Plates for Heavy Trucks
Cataler NA Hickory under construction Automotive Catalysts



Food Processing

Catawba County's recruitment of Food Processing is bolstered by an identical focus by the State of North Carolina.  There are over 57,000 employees working in food manufacturing in North Carolina and over 3,000 of those are employed within a 45-minute drive time of Catawba County. Several food processing and logistics companies have a long history in Catawba County.  An abundant water supply is available for processing operations and the network of processing and packaging suppliers, as well as distribution and cold storage facilities make Catawba County an excellent location for Food Processing. Please view our Food Processing Fact Sheet to learn more.

Food Manufacturing & Logistics in Catawba County
Company Name Location Local Employees Industry Sector
Merchants Distributors, Inc. Hickory 1300 Wholesale grocery store distributor
Tyson Foods Claremont 900 Buns and frozen sandwiches
Performace Foodservice Hickory 600 Food service distributor
Flowers Foods Newton 250 Breads and buns bakery
Star Snax Conover 100 Tortilla Chips
Mennel Milling & Bakery Mix Newton 90 Flour and grains milling
H.T. Hackney Newton 50 Wholesale grocery store distributor





Advanced Textiles

Textiles have a long history in Catawba County.  Like many areas, Catawba's early industrial economy was largely made up of textile mills.  The Catawba River provided a readily available, abundant water supply and many textile products were manufactured in Catawba County beginning with yarn and including sock, hosiery, and bedding.  In the early part of the century, many of these textile factories moved their operations out of the country.  With companies producing both wovens and nonwovens for a variety of applications, the textile industry still thrives in Catawba County.  Read this case study about textile manufacturing in Catawba County.  Also, please view our Advanced Textiles Fact Sheet to learn more.

Advanced Textiles in Catawba County
Company Location Local Employees Industry Sector
Hanes Industries Conover 200 Woven and nonwoven fabrics
TSG Finishing Multiple 170 Fabric finishing services
Fibrix Conover 75 High-loft nonwoven materials
Dalco Nonwovens Conover 60 Geosynthetic, furniture & automotive
Carolina Nonwovens Maiden 60 Automotive nonwovens
BSN Jobst Multiple 50 Wound & medical textiles
Fiber-Line, Inc. Hickory 50 Coated yarns for fiber optic cabling
Nufabrx Conover 20 Medicine-laced fabrics/products


Data Centers

The Catawba County EDC has actively been recruiting data centers since 2006 when it began promoting the NC Data Center Corridor.  The abundant water and electrical supplied established by the textile industry were left vacant when many of the textile facilities closed or relocated in the early 2000s and were a perfect fit for the growing data center industry.  Since that time, numerous data centers have located in, or around, Catawba County.  Some of the most notable are Apple's data center in Maiden, Google's data center in neighboring Lenoir and Facebook's data center in nearby Forest City.  Bed Bath & Beyond has also located a data center in Catawba County.  Catawba County is also home to some of world's top manufacturers of fiber optic and coaxial cable - CommScope, Corning Optical Communications, and Prysmian.  Please view our Data Center Marketing Brochure to learn more or visit