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Catawba County, NC

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Catawba County, NC

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Catawba County, NC

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Catawba County, NC

Welcome to Catawba County

Here's the bottom line—we want your business to be part of our dynamic economic region. Catawba County, NC offers a wide range of building and site options, and you’ll definitely benefit from our adaptive and well-trained workforce. Whether you’re engaged in advanced manufacturing, light assembly, data centers, distribution, corporate or back office functions, you’ll be welcome in here in Catawba County. 

Advanced Manufacturing & More

Catawba County is consistently ranked by as having one of the lowest Costs of Doing Business in the nation and is currently ranked #1. Outlook Americas has ranked three Catawba County municipalities in the top five Best Manufacturing Small Towns in the Country. Southern Business and Development ranked the Hickory Metro 3rd in its Small Market category for Top Deals and Hot Markets, and ranked Catawba County the 20th top Mid-Market in the South. Just some of the diversified manufacturing sectors that call Catawba County home include machining and metal working, plastics, fiber optic and coaxial cable and furniture.

Catawba County’s manufacturing prowess is supported and accentuated by a rich geography and diverse lifestyle that has brought the area national recognition. Business North Carolina magazine also reported that Catawba County’s largest city, Hickory, was the 8th best city in the state for its quality of life

"Catawba County's manufacturing prowess is supported and accentuated by a rich geography and diverse lifestyle..."

Hickory Metro area ranked 1st in the nation for lowest business costs in 2016 (no lower than 6th since 2006)
Hickory Metro area ranked 2nd least expensive MSA in North Carolina for a family of four.
Economic Policy Institute
Hickory MSA ranked 5th in NC for number of nightlife venues per capita and number of non-fast food restaurants.
Hickory Metro area named the 10th Best Place to Live and Raise a Family in the United States.
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